What is ‘Food’?

Since our birth we are made aware of what foods are available to us for our consumption and what must be avoided. Some times we made the choices and some times the choices were made for us.

Food is our basic necessity, it is a celebration of culture, love, compassion, generosity, pleasure and consumption. If food is all of this then how do we participate in the act of control, domination, cruelty and death, because we often kill to eat. So, is food a matter of conditioning?

“The cycle of violence that starts at our dinner tables reverberates through our families, our communities, and through our relations, rippling into the field of our shared awareness” – Will Tuttle – The World Peace Diet

We are all creations of mother nature who births and sustains everything in this universe. Like us human beings, animals have feelings and longings; they nest, mate, crave, and are the conscious subjects of their lives. They make every effort to avoid pain or death and engage in what makes them happy and fulfilled.By commodifying animals for food we choose to be blind to our very routine actions that cause immense suffering to millions of living beings. This inability to respect and appreciate other life forms in this universe is allowing us to ravage forests, oceans and destroy nature. By refusing to witness, confront, and take responsibility for this realm of horror that our actions cause to those who are as sentient and vulnerable as us, we continue to violate the natural order in ways that cause enormous suffering to us and to animals as well. So, I request the people of the world to reflect on a few questions that are now an essential part of my journey –
*Can we make an effort to cultivate our awareness, understand and embrace our responsibility of reconnecting with the natural order?
*Is it possible that our routine violence against animals for our personal need to feed ourself could be one of the primary reasons behind human suffering and war?
*Can we become a force for blessing the world with our lives, rather than perpetuating disconnectedness and cruelty?
*With a conscious awareness and changes in our behaviour and attitudes, can we bring social transformation, explore new dimensions of freedom and creativity?
*Can we begin by observing our most important connection to sustainable living, our most fundamental daily ritual – OUR FOOD?

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