Promised Land

If our body hurts we know what causes it. But when the earth is in pain why can we humans not sense its wounds? Anesthetics in the name of technology are a temporary resort and perhaps might delay the effects of our greed, but the predicament of environmental healing prevails. Has the secular culture elapsed our nature bodies and our relationship with each other?

With the growing unrest and the hatred of human beings among themselves, how can we stop this wounding in nature? How do we expect to treat the natural environment with any kind of respect while we cannot treat our fellow humans with any respect?

Nature is a mirror and this fact can be both uncomfortable and revelatory. If only we could make the connection between our own wounding and the wounding in nature. Decipher the pain from the wound in biodiversity mirror the personal life trauma’s, only then the truth would prevail, that we are nature and this suffering is our suffering. Identifying this connection might be our pathway to ecological activism for the earth and most essentially for our own selves.A change in us in terms of our attitudes, ways and intensions can be the start of a healing process for the earth.

Intervention: Promised Land.
Social Sculpture Practice and Research
Location: Oxford

Picture taken by Richard Reid.

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