In our materialistic world, we often gauge our value based on societal expectations like wealth, status, and appearance. Caught in a system that categorizes us according to these criteria, we lose sight of our personal values and aspirations. Society’s influence prompts us to prioritize norms over our beliefs and cultural backgrounds, fearing the label of a ‘pariah’ and aspiring to fit the mold of what is considered ‘normal.’ However, this ‘normal’ is merely a construct we’ve internalized, offering a false sense of assurance in our worth—a fabricated harmony.

Stripped of our ideals, conforming to the ‘norm’ may render us sterile vessels marching towards our demise. The misfits, who insist on maintaining their individuality, challenge this notion. They embody a completeness that stems from expressing their true selves, experiencing a natural harmony within. My artwork in this series personifies these misfits, pariahs, and deviants, highlighting their authenticity in a sea of artificial normality. Embracing their own nature, they find peace, depicted in the series through individuals who are part human and part not—the absence representing a connection with one’s roots. The naturalistic imagery captures the beauty of their retained individuality, defying societal pressure to conform.

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