Studio Meraki

A studio is more than just a space to paint, draw, or sculpt. It is a sanctuary; a place where the imagination roams free, where unconventional ideas find their refuge, and groups of people who don’t always fit into the neat little boxes of society can come together as the catalysts for change.

Studio Meraki is a home for the artist’s spirit, and within its walls, we craft the dreamscape of our thoughts and fantasies.

It is a place where chaos meets order, where the eccentric is encouraged, and all forms of creativity and expression are embraced with open arms.

Inspiration is a catalyst for change. With it, a blank canvas becomes a garden, ready for the seeds of creativity to be planted. Paintbrushes become eager soldiers, standing at attention, waiting to be called to action. A palette becomes a kaleidoscope; infinite possibilities of color, shape, and design blooming into existence with every minute movement. The smallest bit of inspiration, lingering in the air like a wisp of smoke, is enough to change your world. 

Studio Meraki is, above all else, my space for inspiration. If you are an artist and wish to collaborate within the space, contact me at or find me on Instagram at @artist_niveditasaha

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