Kali’s Dream

The performance is an ensemble of personal reflections addressing issues deeply rooted in our social and political landscape. The work is a live performance of the artist’s body, with its restrictions and limitations, intimacy and private womb like existence. Through this process of making art, the artist metaphorically explores her personal history juxtaposed with mythological layers and engages the viewer in an unknown time to highlight the fragility of womanhood and the sensitivity of the mind and spirit. The project obsessively addresses fraught circumstances through force, form yet a poetic sensibility that balances the gravitas of the subject.

The work derives its inspiration from a powerful Hindu Goddess Kali (Sanskrit word Kal) means time. A deity also known as the “Dark Mother,” she is the goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. Her dark complexion symbolizes transcendence of all form

The hand directs the charcoal symbolic of Kali’s dark complexion; sound scape traces the form that gradually fills the empty void of the white surface. The body language depicts trance, physicality, endurance, time unfolding, exhaustion and the desire to disappear behind the work, which has been transformed, from the flat to the voluminous. The artists’ body engages not only in a mythological reality but also the present global issues thus attaching her self to the work until she becomes the work herself. The artist parallels a vessel, starts empty and ends empty.

COLLAB W.I.N Collective, Artists : Nivedita Saha and Hassina Sakhri

Film Credits – awaited
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