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Born in 1972 in Maharashtra, India, Nivedita embarked on her artistic odyssey with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, in 1996. A decade immersed in the realms of Commercial Arts (Advertising & Communication) followed, shaping her creative foundation. Later, she delved into the realm of Social Sculpture and Connective Practice, earning her Masters from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England.

In 2002, a pivotal move to the Middle East marked a profound shift in Nivedita’s artistic trajectory. Here, she discovered her true passion: Fine Arts. Empowered by unwavering support, she dedicated herself to establishing a meaningful presence in the local and global art scene.

At the core of her practice is a focus on philosophical ideas conveyed through nuanced narratives. Her interest lies in the delicate balance between preserving ancient traditions and embracing new ones, fostering an authentic interactive space for dialogue and reflection.

The realms of Mythology, Culture, and the Impacts of Faith captivate Nivedita’s profound interest. This fascination has led her on a global journey, sharing ideas in Kazakhstan, Germany, England, Malaysia, the United States, Portugal, and India. Collaborative projects, biennales, art residencies, and performances have been her conduits for connecting with diverse regions.

Residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Nivi operates from her Art atelier, ‘Art Studio Meraki.’ She engages in interdisciplinary projects, delving into methodologies and cultures through extensive secondary research and interactive experiences.

Nivi’s current focus centers on researching the impacts of ancient culture and traditions on the current social landscape. She immerses herself in thought-provoking social mobilization projects, driven by the singular goal of creating art that catalyzes positive shifts in the world.


BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts from JJ. Institute of Applied Arts, India, 1996
MA – Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts – Social Sculpture and Connective Practice, Oxford Brookes University, 2017, United Kingdom.


Dubai Cultural Council – Artist Residency: Resident artist at the Dubai Artist Residency, Feb 2008.

Bernina Kazakhstan – Artist Residency: Resident Artist at the Academy of Arts Kazakhstan, August 2011.

Chhaap Artist Residency, Baroda (India): Resident Artist at the Foundation for Printmaking Trust, November 2011.

Berlin Artist Residency: Druckwestatt, bbk-kulturwerk. Lithography, July 2014 (Artwork in the permanent collection of Druckwesttatt collection)
Keystone Editions, Lithography. June 2014

London Artist Residency: London Print Studio, Lithography, July 2015
(Artwork in the permanent collection at London Print Studio)


“Bharat Sanskriti Yatra 2019” – A global competition and festival of Indian Art and Culture
held in Dubai, UAE, August 2019.
Awarded the “Bharat Sanskriti Yatra Samman 2019” – Abanindranath Tagore Award
for outstanding and unparalleled contributions in the field of Global Art.

“Bharat Gaurav Award” – An honor and award received for my contribution to Culture, Art
and Social Change. The award felicitation was held at the Senat Palais Du Luxemburg, Paris,
The award facilitates individuals with extraordinary excellence in their fields and honors those
who encourage and empower the community through their contribution.


Dubai Ladies Club: Art and Talent Center, Fine Art Faculty for the Fine Art foundation  course accredited with the London Blake College 2009-2010.
Zayed University, Dubai: Visiting Artist, Print Making. October, 2010.
(Artworks – in permanent collection)
The JamJar Gallery, Dubai:
Art education: Grooming young minds, taught Art through several associated courses in schools and other institutions, UAE.
Site specific projects, Live Art, year 2010-2011.
Tashkeel Art Hub, Dubai: Taught specialized techniques through Master class workshops in Printmaking, 2011.
Malhaar: UAE’s only Performance and Choir group that brings together over 100 local artists on one stage, thus providing a unique platform for Art, Dance, Drama and Music (NGO) – Creative head – Production team. The group is well known in the region for its large-scale epic stage productions. Key responsibilities involve designing all the print (visual concepts, illustrations, story board and painting) and online media, photography, audiovisuals, stage design, costume design, projections and promotions. (Year 2013- 2014)

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