Home Truths

The project ‘Home Truths’ brings together women from different walks of life who share a common thread that ties them together- their ‘Strength and Identity’. It is made up of narratives, personal essays, and introspective experiences that all uniquely explore this call.

The idea is to create an immersive experience that draws the visitor into someone’s thoughts without any judgments or assumptions. It tries to hold up the inner world of us as women. There is a corner within the exhibit that displays a collection of objects such as an audio book and a worn-out chair. It allows them to picture and emotionally feel the things we feel. It builds and eases tension, and gives glimpses of real life that include moments in between the things that happen to us.

The objective of this project is to initiate dialogue within the community and explore possibilities of further interaction and connections with the audience, with the hope that they might identify themselves with these women or the situations at some point in time while experiencing the installation.

Collaborating artists: Nivedita Saha, Hassina Sakhri, Elina Dutta, Faiza Aliya Abbasi, Sharmistha Chatterjee.

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