Carry That Weight

The performance explores the idea of carrying more than we need, desired or unwanted, filling and emptying, adding and subtracting whilst how in the process we start empty and end empty.

The artists traverse through a public space collecting abandoned, unwanted items strewn across the space while making private dialogues with the audience. The work highlights the point that the public and private cannot be separated. The works physicality elaborates the connection between life and lifeless, people and objects. It reminds the audience the reality of thoughts, memories and events, poignant or applied that we often choose to accept or dismiss.

Five senses are at play in this performance through touch, sound, smell, taste and action-reflexes that broadly resist silence through sound of objects, acoustics and dialogues that question the radical consciousness of audience witnessing the performance within that prescribed space thus making them part of the performance.

The introspective work leaves the audience with a possible ethical dilemma of whether they have a moral responsibility toward the subject as such to question whether they should be an integral part of the performance. The ultimate motive, however, remains positively oriented toward triggering dialogue.

COLLAB W.I.N Collective, Artists : Faiza Aliya Abbasi, Hassina Sakhri and Nivedita Saha
Where’s the Art? – CARU, Modern Art Oxford.

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