Walking Story

My walks are documented through a series of visual narratives that encourage ways of ‘seeing while sensing’ accompanied by a written commentary on immediate encounters. It is the re-entering into spaces with new eyes in a redolent atmosphere that encourages tuning in and a sense of inter-being (Thich Nhat Hanh ). I fathom that a lot of what I otherwise presume ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary through this frame and it is this view of the world that is more enlivening. The perception of being a miniscule part of this infinite biosphere as a human is gratifying.
I feel thankful for everything that encompasses and engages me every moment like an elixir, which is immortal compared to us temporal mortal beings. Trees never end, but we do and somehow they know how to renew themselves through their seeds. This parabolic truth allows me to ‘be’, live in the moment, embrace imperfections and gain clarity amidst an enchanting yet busy landscape. This acceptance of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ allows my thoughts to emerge gradually based on personal innate phenomenological experiences.
What’s your story?

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