Does Life follow a Pattern?

I have realized that our acts and events occurring at a particular time in life are related, even if they seem unrelated on the surface. The relation is experienced later as a physical connection between people and events. The energy we release is always returned back to us, positive for positive and negative for negative. This energy released in our act carries with it our intention, attitude and conviction hence the result depends on the quality of vibrations they carry. We know this incredible phenomenon in nature as the ’Karma and effect cycle’.

“The underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect, therefore such synchronicities occur.  When a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual.” -Carl Jung

I sometimes feel we often fail to notice the subtle patterns hidden in the fabric of our life, patterns that defy our perceptions of logic, cause and effect, space and time. Perhaps an inner awareness and perception might enable us to see the world in a different way by providing us deeper insights to perceive the truth that unfolds in the atmosphere around us.

*The featured image is a part my evolving artistic research based practice ‘Safe Space for Transformation’ for my Masters Degree in Social Sculpture and Connective Practice, at Oxford.

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