A Blessed Journey

It is said that if our heart and intentions are in the right place, we attract everything that helps meet our purpose and need to be in this world. My artistic journey is blessed and transformative not just for me but for many whose intentions are aligned with me, ones who have chosen to walk alongside my path and the ones who do not align inevitably get removed from my force field. I love that about my journey, like some self-cleansing vortex of energy, I attract what and who I should, always stay grounded and keep moving on to a better place at every stage.

It feels amazing to look back and see how much everything has changed for the better or for worse. I have my own way of perceiving things that define me through my universe, how I feel much closer to my visions already. Not everyone can be known through the work they do but I consider myself lucky to be the one known by my purpose, which is to create, make art for a better world.

Art is my Healer

I lost my mother to Covid during the second wave
of the Pandemic in India. That came as a major
shock to my senses. It made me deeply reflect
on questions about the temporality of human life
and reason of being in this world.

Amidst all this mayhem I channeled all my anguish and pain into
making meaningful art, this is what I do, which is, allow my art to heal me, sets me free from any personal crisis. It helps me breathe and move on with deep learnings.


Joba (Hibiscus)

The Hibiscus flower represents divine feminine energy, power, and strength. The philosophy of this powerful symbol is that of transformation, renewal, and rebirth meaning – the one that is destroyed also regenerates itself into new possibilities of life forms, such is the cycle of life. It serves as a reminder to embrace the beauty and power of the divine feminine within us all. The flower is also associated with many goddesses, including Venus, Aphrodite, and Isis. In Hinduism, the hibiscus is associated with the Goddess Kali, who is the primordial mother, goddess of birth and death. She is also associated with time and change, and the hibiscus flower is seen as a representation of these qualities. The flower is seen to stand for the cycles of life and the impermanence of all things. The beauty of the flower is also seen as an embodiment of the beauty of the divine feminine, with Kali as a representation of the powerful and mysterious aspects of femininity. In Buddhism, the hibiscus is said to represent enlightenment. The flower of hibiscus is therefore a powerful symbol of the divine feminine and all its potential.

Imagination Runs Free

Imagination can run free even if we humans remain trapped in our circumstances.

I was probably one of the first few in the region to contract the virus during the first wave of the pandemic, especially when all of us were unprepared. It took over a month of isolation, hard suffering and several kinds of remedies to cure the ailment. This near-death experience has filled my heart with gratitude towards life and everything that it offers me. To be able to breathe again and to hold my loved ones and see them safe and smiling means everything to me.

Once healed, the lockdown did not limit me from reaching out to other artists from across the globe. I used this opportunity to stay at home and engage in deep thinking, art journaling and make meaningful art by myself and sometimes online collaborations with artists around the world. The experience was more than satisfying, especially knowing that our creativity is not bound to any crisis, it is actually the opposite of that. Most meaningful art actually births from crisis weather emotional or physical.

I Am


A benevolent mother, unbiased, loving and nurturing her children.

The unconditional mother nature, who owns her imperfections, provides and protects everyone she shelters.

A teacher who guides us towards the truth, imparting knowledge and wisdom.

An empowered warrior who owns her battle scars, exercises her power to freedom and destroys the demons present within the society.

I am a Goddess, I am consciousness.

Awareness of Human Suffering

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, oil on oak panels, 205.5 cm × 384.9 cm (81 in × 152 in), Museo del Prado, Madrid

It is believed that Hell is devoid of any benevolence. For each of us the definition of Hell is different at mental and physical level. I have always wonder about the possibility of reducing the suffering one endures.According to Buddha suffering is inevitable in human life. We are capable of creating heaven with love, compassion and mindfulness and hell through greed, anger, jealousy and misconduct. Our ‘Karma’ – actions determine our space of dwelling. Even in hell there is always a small possibility for acts of compassion which can reduce the effects of suffering and make it bearable.

In my artistic journey, form and its evolution take center stage. Embracing a contemporary perspective, I reject the notion of a perfect drawing, finding beauty in the distortions that shape my figures. Themes of relationships and their interplay with the surrounding environment dominate my subjects’ narratives.

A poignant example is ‘My Pieta,’ depicting the farewell between Jesus and his mother. The piece delves into personal emotional depths, resonating with my own experiences of loss. Through my creations, I seek a connection with my reality, exploring the profound meanings embedded in the artwork.

As an artist, I strive to creatively express glimpses of the ‘Divine Imagination,’ playing the role of the ‘great convincer’ who passionately presents the pain and beauty of my inner world, offering a compelling portrayal of both.

I live in Meraki

To be called an Artist is a great responsibility. For me it has been a story of confrontation with my self, my demons, to pull my way through life. Art is difficult, most times it is the endurance of one’s own suffering and sometimes other’s. Stirring my soul out when something moves me, personal memories or stories of other people and doing this without destroying myself.

I live in Meraki (when one leaves a piece of their self (their soul, creativity, or love in one’s work). Everything I make is a reflection of my inner self (good or bad), it is me, a part of my soul goes into my creations. Even though this makes me vulnerable sometimes, I still continue to live with complete passion, dedication and remain present in service to what I believe in.

Let your light shine, literally

At the core of who we are, lies a realization, a light, a purpose to just ‘BE’, true to our self and others. By letting LOVE work through our being we can let our light shine and reveal a higher version of our self into the world. To witness this light without letting it shine through our BEing would mean denying our self from union with all that is.

We have a fountain of light within us, all we need to do is let it flow and illuminate our life as well as others lives we encounter in our journey.
Quoting Maya Angelou “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”.
So, let LOVE work through our being, liberate our self and our dear ones.

Eternal Rose

Appearance of a Rose is so captivating, so unique, a spectacular manifestation of arcs and trajectories. The form’s natural impulse is to move in circles, layered in petals, unfolding to reveal its eternal beauty.

As I embrace the idea of the Rose, its beauty inspires me. My response to the potential of this Rose allows new questions to surface within me. Where does beauty begin? With an object or subject? Is it sensory or is it a cerebral phenomena? Is a Rose eternal? Is beauty eternal?

What is beautiful and infinite for me may not be the same for another for many social, cultural and psychological reasons. As I think about the questions, I realize that to me even a dead rose is beautiful and powerful. It still radiates the beauty, which transmits all the qualities it possesses.

As I open myself to this idea of the ‘Rose’, it is being forever planted in my imagination, it grows in me, till it blossoms into a garden of roses, as the joy of possibilities, of seeing and feeling and being drawn into a world that is emerging, in the present moment, in the now.

I thank my guru Professor Shelley Sacks for gifting me this Rose. I shall cherish the idea of the ‘Eternal Rose’.

Thank you dear sister Dianne Regisford for capturing this significant moment for me. Gratitude.

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