Safe Space For Transformation

My philosophical practice titled “Safe Space for Transformation” is an attempt to decipher ways to lift ourselves, using our power to imagine and create a reservoir of energy, that enables transformations within self and the world around us. Our world is full of energy fields for each individual to occupy a space within. All our thoughts, emotions, drives and goals demand energy. Rising turmoil of inner conflicts, radiation from technological advances, fast-paced social life and convenient comfort food choices, tend to block our inner energy from surfacing.
I have put my accumulated knowledge and understanding to practice with several people in Dubai and Oxford. This philosophical process is with the help of a guided one-on-one socially engaging dialogue. Participants are encouraged to focus and explore their inner longings that require introspection and shifts on a subconscious level. My endeavor is to guide and usher in a space that illuminates their self-reflective journey.

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