Calm Center

I’ve always wondered about how one could find their calm center and remain consistently in that state without letting social forces influence the state of mind. This realm with a force field of inner energy seems like a state I would like to inhabit someday. Observing myself and more people that surround me, I realize that actually we humans pay very little attention towards our inner energy. We live our lives in acceptance of outer energy resources, as if given and our inner energy is taken for granted. We hardly question what is making this beautiful human body function. I wonder what makes this complicated mass made up of infinite networks and cells work in the first place.

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I fathom that our world is full of energy fields and we are a field ourselves within it. As we breathe, each inhale is energy gained and each exhale is energy spent. Our thoughts, emotions, drives, goals, they all require energy and that must be precisely why there are days when we sometimes feel super energetic and some days we feel drained. With the rising mental noise and tranquilizing ourselves with the over consumption of radiations from technological advances, fast paced social life and convenient comfort food choices we might be blocking our inner energy from surfacing. Perhaps such times make ‘Stillness’ a difficult state to inhabit. However, it might be possible to decipher ways through which we can lift our self and meet a higher version of our self by tapping into this magical reservoir of inner energy and allow transformations within self.

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