A Safe Space for Transformation

My reflections generate a force of questions, both personal and collective. Several images loaded with emotional quotient begin to emerge, which require entering and embracing them through empathy. Quoting Hegel, “the capacity to embrace, to enter into, to meet, encounter a place that is reflective, is the force of creativity. It is a space that connects, inhabits, it is empathy that makes it an open process and there is a potential to develop an aesthetic state. This process presents possibilities of seeing new things and trigger change.”

Each time I re-enter my questions, they transform into a passage, a channel, a carrier filled with fields of hope, longings, progressions, meanings, emotions and transformation. This pathway facilitates my travel to a place that breeds life forms which make all communications and interconnections possible. This place is the essential ‘Womb’, a space of transformation, it is ‘the universe’ and ‘I’ am but a speck in this space seeking answers.

Mother nature and a woman are both revered through civilizations as the ‘Womb’, the central source where creation of life and love are birthing. This sacred sanctuary and temple embraces and enfolds all life forms. It offers to nurture and protect us. Here the feminine essence of a woman has always been acknowledged and honored defying any possibility of abuse. I find myself trying to unearth ways of reconnecting with this womb to find answers or even unlearn what our existing world makes me believe.

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