Picking up the signs

As I nibbled on the puffed rice I heard myself say ‘I know this place, I have been here before, I know these people, the smell and texture is familiar, I was having a Déjà vu’ moment 🙂

My intuitions shape my experiences of life. I have learnt to trust my Déjà vu’s and dreams that take me to places, which my mind never imagined. I am surprised by the incredible encounters and new findings, new language, new sounds and words that carry with it a long history of deep-rooted culture. Human society (of which I am an integral part of) seems complex, on one side there’s hope, freedom and passion for life yet contradictory to that is a power hungry greedy side that wants to possess and control everything. We humans feed the entities that empower this constant conflict between the demons and angels in our social system. We feed them with our thoughts, our emotions, and energy. Positive or negative these forces do make certain shifts within us and we can only do what ever is in our capacity to either sustain or erase them. Sometimes it also seems ok to let things be the way they are. This makes me wonder if I have chosen the right path? When in such self-doubt, I give it some time, allow things to unfold slowly, until I pick up the signs which encourage me to follow your heart, connect the dots and fear nothing, the journey may not be easy but with the right attitude nothing is impossible.

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