Imagination Runs Free

Imagination can run free even if we humans remain trapped in our circumstances.

I was probably one of the first few in the region to contract the virus during the first wave of the pandemic, especially when all of us were unprepared. It took over a month of isolation, hard suffering and several kinds of remedies to cure the ailment. This near-death experience has filled my heart with gratitude towards life and everything that it offers me. To be able to breathe again and to hold my loved ones and see them safe and smiling means everything to me.

Once healed, the lockdown did not limit me from reaching out to other artists from across the globe. I used this opportunity to stay at home and engage in deep thinking, art journaling and make meaningful art by myself and sometimes online collaborations with artists around the world. The experience was more than satisfying, especially knowing that our creativity is not bound to any crisis, it is actually the opposite of that. Most meaningful art actually births from crisis weather emotional or physical.

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