Bodies Are Stories

“We bury things so deep we no longer remember there was anything to bury. Our bodies remember. Our neurotic states remember. But we don’t.”

— Jeanette Winterson

I become very emotional when I paint images of women because I feel as if I can relate to them in the process of creating their form. My idea is neither about romanticizing the paper nor celebrating the body, but about accepting the body in all its vulnerability—achieving body neutrality. It is about owning one’s scars, shame, trauma, or abuse unconditionally, without judgment.

Our vulnerability is a breeding ground of emotions and experiences; it is the ground for love, compassion, courage, and creativity to be born. Showing our weakness requires courage, and that is where we become aware of our need for empowerment. The archetype of Goddess Kali symbolizes this empowerment. Her intensity gives death to our demons, enabling us to rise above victimizing ourselves and act on our own authority.

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