Welcome to the Anthropocene

Is there a story?
My reflections during this work made me wonder about the story of this universe and how from the age of Adam and Eve the relationship between the human being and nature is of concern. Human beings have always perceived nature in their own image. The understanding of who we are as a species and our relationship with this biosphere seems lost. We humans have the power to think and our essential power lies in our capacity to organize a life around our culture. Our habits of livelihood, our practices, and even culture have a worldview. We are constantly evolving and creating stories. The worldview that we are a superior species is perceived as a dominant archetype and puts us above all else. This view allows us to look at the rest of the planet and all other beings in it as resources that are to be used for our own benefit.

The world today is not only facing ecological crisis but also story crisis. Our central story consists of economic growth and technological success. To keep continuing this idea we choose to turn blind towards the mass destruction we are causing at a planet level. This never-ending cycle at some point will reach its limits. Nature has already raised an alarm, warning the entire world to slow down the movement of this economic juggernaut, which tries to mold everything into a valuable resource. By disconnecting ourselves from nature, we have created a landscape of isolation. We have created a sense of separateness that can be observed in our dressing, eating and living habits. This evolved lifestyle is actually overrated and keeps us far from going back to nature. The world in which we were born and the one we live in now has changed, for good or bad, this cannot be said. This story of evolution is every human beings story. The earth is our only home. This life-giving force is suffering, and our story is of numbness.

The question of sustainability
“One of the most important things about permaculture is that it is founded on a series of principles that can be applied to any circumstance—agriculture, urban design, or the art of living. The core of the principles is the working relationships and connections between all things.”
― Juliana Birnbaum Fox

My research had led me to the concept of ‘Permaculture’, a unique framework that offers sustainable ways of living. I understand that this is a system inspired by innovative ideas of natural ecosystems fulfilling human needs existing in today’s world. It lays down a framework to create an ecologically compatible and effectual habitat by carefully examining how humans use the rich resources such as water, food, energy and other materials. I feel this philosophy can help establish the lost connection between human life and nature’s wisdom. This will help develop a sense of Eco-conscious awareness in our minds and allow us to use this consciousness in our daily lives to imagine and design an ecologically sustainable lifestyle for us.

Reflecting forward
I have a few concluding insights about this vast question of the Anthropocene. I understand that we humans cannot distinguish at this point from what might be the right or wrong thing to do. However we can at least observe the results of our current relationship with nature and notice the consequences it has had in terms of the ecological footprint.

A human being is considered an avatar of consciousness. When we get in touch with our conscious self, we begin to respect all life forms that surround us. A realization of, ‘Who we are?’ ‘What is the purpose of our existence?’ And all the ideas towards the fulfillment of that purpose begin to surface. Through my creative process, I tried to shed some light on some conscious questions and stimulating thoughts that came up in me. I realize that I have the capacity to act responsibly and conserve nature. I can reach out to like-minded groups and make small contributions towards bringing harmony with a sense of interdependence between people and explore new approaches towards a conscious living and breathing universe.

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