This is it

A home, nests one’s thoughts, security, emotions, & aspirations, constrained only by individual’s means & local limitations. So often than not, we either cross the constraints or over play them. In both cases, we announce – “This is it”.

Where & how we dwell, tells volumes about our past & how we want to shape our future. UAE, where majority is an expat population, is the testimony of myriad of expat abodes, be it their transient home or a near permanent shelter.

I have known that just like me, folks who move from place to place learn to use their creativity to create stability. Despite the external chaos of starting from scratch we learn to seek adventure, curiosity and develop the ability to reinvent ourselves time and again. This personal space of nesting is almost ritualistic, built twig by twig, a sacred space for the body, soul, and spirit to call home.

The installation ‘This is it’…is my effort to explore the subject of call through the eyes of an Expat, such as many others and myself for instance. We are on the move looking for stability at many levels from a place. Being several years away from our homeland deciphering the meaning of home, which might be something more than a physical shelter and provides roots, identity, security, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional well-being.

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