Social Explorer

This a participatory process which creates a stimulating non-judgmental space for dialogue and idea-exchanges. It is a process of mapping where several interconnections can be made between thoughts and our journeys, separated by scenarios and time frames but together in context. There is a need for such a stimulating space to exist in the society today, where people could consciously address questions, share their experiences with honesty or even their vision among each other without any fear of being judged or criticized for their thinking.

This shared process allows the emergence of constellation of thoughts and ideas along with personal challenges in meeting them. It facilitates a space of awareness, responsibility and learning’s to discover how our individual issues are interconnected with bigger universal encounters.

This process co-creates dialogue that has the power to resolve conflicts by voicing out an array of questions and explore strategies towards solutions. The spatial emergence of shapes from the activation of thoughts through shared experiences demonstrates how connections are formed across both social and physical space. This exploratory method proposes the possibility to analyze the structure of various groups non-judgmentally. It investigates how individuals, places, and their surrounding objects interact with each other to shape their experience. This network of interconnections can be explored anywhere among different communities (corporates, artists, political activists, education institutions, womenfolk, students, etc.) to discover a ‘patterned groupness’ of fresh perspectives, intentions, relationships and ways of practice in the social realm.

Collaborating Artists : Nivedita Saha and Mariana Galan

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