Making SENSE

I strive for consistent growth within self and realize that there are pressing questions to which I seek answers. I need to determine and resolve thoughts and feelings that arise from nihilism, struggle and turmoil. By being conscious internally I can reflect my thoughts on positive action externally. This state I have been exploring is a phenomenon, which has no definite form, but I can call this some sort of inner sculpting or a process of realizing my capacity as an agent of change. The work is an emerged collage of images, various influences and spontaneous little sparks of illumination within self that shape into a torch like illuminated form. Like ancient cave paintings with a language of their own, glowing in the dark spaces of my mind. These are images that embody buried beliefs, relationships between the power of transformation in nature and human as a life form. Some are personal reflections of ‘mutations’ within self and questions centered around my motifs in this life, about the power of my agency, making connections between justice, secret wisdom and new knowledge.

This participative intervention intends to trigger a phenomenological approach to self-consciousness. I am not just interested in philosophical questions about the undeniable knowledge of phenomenological understandings but I am also experimenting with ways of working through practical phenomenology.

This process of self-discovery through stillness is a necessary way of conditioning myself for how I wish to work in the world. It helps me to get in touch with what goes on within me, observing my thoughts, actions and also the actions of others and how their energy interrelates with mine. It keeps me more focused in the present moment.

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