Anomalies – Hypothetically Hybrid

There is a kind of subtle chaos, a supple element of chance and change, residing at the core of living things. Nature has no plan, nor does it copy well; hence no living thing is completely the same as others of its kind. Our DNA is subject to continual mutation, enabling generations to evolve within a changing world,’ says Charles Darwin.

Humans possess a dearth of attributes: strength, humility, conviction, harmony, humanity, humor, empathy, or awareness. In this series of hybridized imagery, blended with mythological as well as animal subjects, I try to convey fragmented beings. Each subject portrays a kind of metamorphosis, often having demonic or peculiar anomalies (mostly unseen to the naked eye) that symbolize our behavioral traits, or lack thereof, in society.

These figures may seem provocative, disobediently eating into a confined page, subjects floating in blank space as if cut from their environment, and thrown into the abyss. They are humanoid enough to be seen as sentient, yet also inhuman enough to appear aloof. I intended to create a feeling of transcendence, searching through underlying surfaces of human nature to extract something universal for many to relate to. My mission is to make the soul more perceptible and the process meditative by using the inner eye of contemplation.

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