Matters of Faith

This series embodies aspects of being a woman as the one who nurtures, nourishes, protects, and provides selflessly. I’ve explored her journey through generations, all her wondrous triumphs and bitter struggles through the passage of time. My intention is to encapsulate how women experience a loss of identity over time, sacrificing their individuality in a matrix of circumstances. They willingly let go of a bit of their ‘self’ to discover the joy in giving, unknowingly walking in an endless cycle that leaves behind very little of themselves.

Three artworks presented from the body of work Matters of Faith present a woman’s relationship with faith as a child, in youth, and as an adult.

Indian beliefs and superstitions are passed down from generation to generation. These faiths have sprung with an objective to protect from evil spirits, but some were based on scientific reasoning. It is universally witnessed that people of every caste, creed or community are superstitious. It is an integral part of human society. Though the Indian society is fast progressing, people are still superstitious and have a strong faith in these local beliefs.

Black kohl dot symbolic for evil eye in India whilst the blue evil eye symbolic to ward of every evil in the Middle Eastern culture. Scarab as a totem of good luck in Egypt whilst the belief that Horse shoe brings goof luck among Native Americans. Shubh- labh symbolizes prosperity in India vis a vis Chinese Coins in Chinese Culture symbolic of wealth and progress. Idol worship of lord Ganesha in India symbolic for happy new beginning, similarly, the laughing Buddha among South East Asians. Cross symbol in Christianity and Om symbol in Hinduism.

No matter which part of the world we tour, we find the natives nurturing certain beliefs and superstitions and India are no exception in this case. While some of them are quite hilarious, few others are really interesting, as many aspects of life are linked to them. Few beliefs even find their way into the Indian religious texts and scriptures.

Collaborating Artists: Nivedita Saha and Bela Bhatt

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